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Best Accounting Software In India

There are lots of accounting software available in Indian Market. Some are renowned national player like Tally, Marg and Quickbooks; and some local players. And so normal business man who is not technical person always gets lost in the options available and seldom gets into wrong software.

Majorly we observed that they do prefer local software as they offer lucrative price, but often regret for making that choice after some time period. As most of the local players has limited market segment and hence unable to meet the changing accounting expectations. Lack of support in future causes further issues.

Hence it is recommended to go with renowned national players like Tally, Marg etc. Tally and Marg both are national players and having history behind in terms of number of customers, support centers and suitability to suffice the customers need.

Features wise both are having lots of features in the shelf to support business needs. From support perspective Marg and Tally both have good partner networks across cities to support the customer. Marg wins over Tally on pricing. Marg price is almost 50% less than Tally.

Marg accounting software is developed and supported by Marg Ltd. company from Delhi. Marg accounting and inventory software does provide complete flexibility and reach set of functionalities to cater to different businesses need. Marg also has more than 800 partners pan in India to provide sales and support to the client.



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