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FMCG Software

FMCG software designed for distributor and retailer with built in collaborative commerce feature to easily transfer invoices among distributor and retailers with bank reconciliation feature and integrated online banking with lClCl.

FMCG software that manages Sales, Order, Inventory, Party wise rates and outstanding, email integration to send sales bill and mobile app for retailers to place order to distributor and many more features. GST enabled with party wise outstanding reports, credit limit settings with stop billing facility etc.

FMCG Software Features

Billing, accounting and inventory management software

Purchase Import

Easily import old purchases using purchase import facility. Also upload purchase bill from distributor in a single click to avoid any manual entry mistake.

Collaborative Commerce

To have seamless collaboration on Order & Invoices between distributor and retailers, provided collaborative commerce platform

Easy & Fast Billing

Considering the counter sale (POS), we have implemented easy & fast billing in our FMCG accounting and billing software.

FIFO Stock Management

Taking product expiry into consideration we are ensuring First In First Out (FIFO) of the stock. Also rack wise stock can be maintained through our inventory & rack management module.

Online Sales & Order Management

We have mobile app for retailers (eOrder app) to place purchase order online to distributor. Sales person can collect order online and sales activity can also be tracked efficiently using eSales Mobile App.

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